SPECIAL Freights

Nothing is impossible : extreme weights, oversized cargoes, moving complete production lines, dangerous goods, biological substances, perishables and live animals, we are available 24/7 at mobile : 0040722316555.

      FENI International provides transportation for all types of cargo that needs special attention and are called Special Cargo shipments:

– Aircraft on ground, AOG – Airlines only earn money when the aircrafts are in the air, when aircraft is grounded, an airline could lose enormous sums of money.
To avoid an aircraft going AOG, aircraft spare parts often need to be moved around the world. Accuracy, speed and flexibility are the key to success.

– Live Animals – when sending live animals the veterinarian inspections and all necessary documents accompanying the animal need an accurate and spotless aproach. Every element in the logistical chain which is inaccurate and incorrect can delay or postpone the shipment dramatically, influencing the animale well fare. The well fare of the animal is our first priority.

– Perishables – FENI International asists customers with the export or import of every type of perishable cargo.

– Fast car – dedicated vehicle made available to you for a quick door to door transfer for very urgent shipments.

FENI International will make sure to provide for you all the necessary information that your Special Cargo shipment is properly classified and packed in order to be delivered on time and without any issues or concerns.


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